Venture Investments are a strategic property investment specialist operating in the UK private rental sector

Our core product is high-quality HMO (Houses of Multiple Occupancy) property primarily focused for the student market in southwest of the UK

Our proven yet dynamic investment model which has resulted in a One Platform solution, provides an exceptional, transparent investment vehicle for worldwide investors seeking outstanding consistent return on investment

We unequivocally strive for perfection in what we do, with the relationships with our select investors our primary focus

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It takes significant infrastructure to strategically plan, acquire, renovate, let and sell to consistently outperform the market. Venture Investments have established this set up with relevant experience in every area of the business

We operate a corporate investment and consumer structure with clearly defined boundaries of responsibility for each, which allows each area to maintain its own focus and accountability

The corporate investment business focuses primarily on the creation of high yield cash-flow investments

The consumer division focuses on two areas: the efficient asset management of the growing portfolio and to create demand for our properties that far exceeds capacity which has resulted in a 100% occupancy every year and will continue to do so

With an in-house FSA regulated financial brokerage, we have close relationships with the key financial institutions which result in safe, secure long term funding and allow the business to take advantage and expand even in slower economic climates


Our divisional structure is set out as a supply chain of distinct areas of competence that bring together finance and property through the operational infrastructure that is needed strategically assess, acquire, develop and let/sell large properties close to our target market of students and key workers.

Christopher Dowty MA, BSc Hons, IMC

With 6 years in active property investment development, specialising in creating consistent high yield properties returns of over 8-13% yield pa. Exceptional relationships throughout the industry and a creative investment strategist

Daniel Clementson

IFA and FSA accredited, a specialist in creative finance. 8 years as an active property investor specialising in residential high yield investments. Exceptional relationships throughout the property financial industry

We put our money where our mouth is - with our own personal portfolio total NAV £2.2M

Great teams have the best players. With our passionate, experienced senior management team in place and our exceptional relationships with our investors, we return market beating performance and results